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To be considered for support, a proposal must fit the Foundation's mission, and address the Foundation's funding priorities: vulnerable populations of the greater Newark New Jersey community; emergent health needs serving at-risk individuals and families in the MetroWest Jewish community; or clinical research/medical education initiatives that significantly and directly impact on the above-named populations.  To learn more about our philosophy of grantmaking, please see the below section.

All applications are screened, researched and evaluated by the Foundationís staff to determine eligibility, conformity to grant guidelines and relevance to the Foundationís mission and current priorities. If there is sufficient interest in a proposal, a telephone conference with a Foundation program officer and a site visit involving Foundation trustees may be arranged. The Foundationís staff will contact the applicant to schedule meetings or to request additional information. The Foundationís Board of Trustees makes the final decisions on funded projects.

From time to time, the Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey develops specific priorities for a defined time period.  The specifics and guidelines for these initiatives will be posted on our website.

The Foundation receives far more requests for funding than it has funds available to contribute. A decision not to fund a grant application should not be considered a reflection of the particular organizationís or programís merits.

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Our Approach in Grant Review

In reviewing a request for funding the trustees and staff of the foundation are sensitive to the following five concerns:

  • Mission Appropriateness
  • Impact and Value
  • Sustainability
  • Efficacy and Evaluation
  • The Agency Partnership


Mission Appropriateness

The foundation seeks grant proposals that promise innovation and change or a significant enhancement of services.  Projects must be consistent with our mission of health and caring and our commitment to vulnerable and at risk populations. Either the grantee or the project should fall within our Greater Newark catchment area.

Impact and Value

Proposals should clearly identify both the target population served and the impact that success will bring.  They should clearly articulate the potential increase in the quality and quantity of client services and the contribution to state of the art performance or learning.  The cost of the initiative should be commensurate with its impact.


Potential grantees should systematically and thoughtfully identify and marshal potential resources to ensure the success of their project over time.  How the agency will sustain the initiative and its benefits once HFNJ funds are no longer available is of critical concern.

Efficacy and Evaluation

The Foundation welcomes proposals that have an informed degree of risk coupled with a strong likelihood of success.  A clear method of evaluating the initiative should be identified including baseline data and benchmarks of future success.

The Agency Partnership

The Foundation seeks to partner with agencies that are passionate in regard to their mission and meet high standards of governance accountability and fiscal management. Potential grantees should have a track record of programmatic integrity and success.  We consider ourselves to be a responsive and collaborative organization and look for the same openness among our grantees.

We believe that each grant is a living testimony to our legacy and mission.  As a condition of funding, we will discuss with grantees an appropriate mechanism of recognition.

The Foundation will continue to maintain flexibility and undertake periodic review of its funding priorities within the scope of its purpose.


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